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Formed in 2002; reorganized in 2008 and headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, The COIL is a combination of several smaller local chapters from around the Midwest United States with one common goal: To network with your fellow GI Joe Collector. Chapters are spread out from Iowa to Columbus. Large COIL meets happen between one of the chapters two to three times a year with smaller local meets of local chapters occurring monthly. The COIL is a loosely structured organization with an executive board and constitution. The club also features a quarterly newsletter highlighting many of the projects and members that make the COIL uniquely the best regional group in the Midwest.

Club Projects:
Since our founding, the club has had dedicate members focused on making the collector experience more rich. Projects include stickers, bumper stickers, posters, banners, hats, t-shirts and other promotional items. Coming later this year the COIL will debut its EXCLUSIVE custom figure, a limited edition of 30 figures with a unique twist. Stay updated via the website as more details will be revealed in the coming months.

The Website: was created in September of 2008 as an online extension of the club. While not the biggest regional website in total amount of members, The COIL is the most ACTIVE online site with over 75 regular posting members including several influential members of the online community, from inside the industry and all over the world! Features include a crisp, clean and original interface, an RSS and Twitter feed and a chat interface so you can meet your neighbor in real-time. The website content includes news, reviews, product sightings and GI Joe conversation. also is among the select few sites allowed to ask questions to Hasbro.

HelaViper Jon is the founder and president of the COIL prior to the reorganization.  He retains these titles today as a reward to hard work and dedication to keeping the group together.

A Letter From Our President:

Thanks for taking the time to read our newsletter and for wanting to learn more about the COIL.  The last year as been a very challenging, yet rewarding year for our club.  In the last year, we rebranded ourselves from a single state focused group to a regional group.  Then we reorganized the group, launched a new website, and helped form COIL Chapters in new cities.  This make over allowed us to blossom ourselves as the predominant GI Joe Collectors’ Club in the Midwest.  The Columbus Toy Show is our first public “tour de force” so to speak.  There are many things to be excited with GI Joe in the upcoming months with the COIL being at or near the center of it all.  In May, we sent a small contingent of members up to Hamilton, Ontario Canada to participate in the Canadian GI Joe Convention.  In June we had our second regional meet in Winchester, Indiana.  In July we were supposed to rally in Dayton, but a new born put a wrinkle in those plans.  However, another member stepped up and fulled in when we needed it the most.  In August, COIL Chapters throughout the Midwest gathered for the major motion picture, GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra.  Later in August, the COIL participated in the Official International GI Joe Collectors’ Convention in Kansas City, Missouri.  On the internet you will find the COIL active as content suppliers to and several members cross posting on, and  If you are new to the online community, we encourage you to visit these sites.  And of course make a daily stop as you never know what we’ll be talking about.  There is a lot to be excited about GI Joe in the coming months: new GI Joe branded item, new toys, new movie, new cartoon and new comic.  What better way to share this newness with a group of likeminded Joe fans?  The COIL Midwest Collectors’ Club is the home of fans who MAKE-THINGS-HAPPEN.  Be a part of it – join in today!

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